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Earn a degree and get a job in your new field in only half the time of other dental assistant programs.

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Dental Assisting Technologies offers a 96 Clock hour, 12 week, Saturday only Dental Assisting Course. Saturdays, SAM to 5PM. This course prepares an individual to work in the field of dentistry using a “Hands On Approach”. Our class schedule is designed to allow our students to further their education while continuing to keep their current employment. The offered “Hands on Experience” combined with a carefully planned curriculum and home study covers all of the basic functions needed to be successful in the competitive dental field. This is a Certificate course. Our teaching staff consists of understanding Dental Professionals. Dentist’s, Dental Assistants, and Dental Hygienists all sharing years of knowledge and experience in the dental field.

It is offered two times per year. There is a Spring session and a Fall Session. The Spring session ends the Saturday prior to Memorial Day weekend. The Fall Class Begins on the Saturday following Labor Day weekend.

The fact that our program is only 12 weeks is also aimed for people who are working a fulltime job while going to school. Most other training programs are for 6 - 12 months, which is difficult to maintain while working full time. With our program you will be able to obtain the training you need and find a job in your new field while other students are only halfway done with their training programs.

This Course Will Cover:

Preparing to enter the dental field:

Students will be instructed on proper interviewing techniques and how to create a professional resume. Our students will work in an actual dental setting. All of the instructors are Dental professionals. Teachers consist of Dentists, Dental Assistants and Dental Hygenists with years of experience in their field.

Orientation to Dentistry :

This unit provides students with information concerning the roles of the dental team. It allows the students to become familiar with the flow, maintenance and equipment found in a dental office. At home textbook reading combined with a “layman’s” explanation of the reading material in the form of a workbook is offered.

Disinfection & Sterilization:

This unit provides students with information and practice regarding sterilization, disinfection, OSHA standards. Instruments & treatment room care.

Dental Anatomy:

Students will learn how to identify primary and permanent teeth. They will learn to identify parts of the mouth, teeth, surfaces of the teeth and oral surroundings.


Students will be introduced to techniques of taking x-ray films and exposing them using operation safety. Students will practice taking x–ray films using a paralleling technique, developing, and mounting them.

Instruments and Cements:

Students will learn to identify major hand instruments, burs, and hand pieces. They be taught instrumentation to basic restorative procedures. Different types of cements will be introduced for recognition & manipulation for their applications.

Introduction to Four Handed Dentistry :

Students will learn instrument passing and suctioning techniques, verbal skills, patient care instruction. They will be introduced to a variety of methods of anesthesia used in the dental office. Patient care and administration using HIPPA requirements are covered. Students will learn how to assemble a syringe,, patient education, postoperative patient instruction, and patient hand off procedures to help create the ability to achieve a future patient to have a smooth dental experience.

Introduction to Specialties Fields:

Students will be familiarized with Oral Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics, Pedodontics, and Orthodontics and some of the instruments common to the specialty fields.


Students will be taught to give brushing & flossing instruction. Taught to take impressions, pour and trim models and make bleach trays.

Front Desk:

Telephone and appointment book scheduling using a paper schedule and computer dental software . Addressing patients using verbal skills to collect payment, creating appointments and understanding a recall system are covered in this module. Verbal skills are discussed. We cover creating and managing patient records and files in accordance with the Government Privacy Policy Act and state law. Dentrix Dental Software and laptop computers are used to perfect charting and coding techniques.

*The school does not guarantee transferability of credits (this is not a credited class). In most cases, course work is not likely to transfer to another institution.


Dental Assisting Technologies uses an accumulated grading scale.

Each student begins the session with O points & has the ability to add points to their score thru attendance, participation, completion of tasks, quizzes and exams. Each student has the ability to earn up to 1000 points by the completion of the program. A score of 700 is required to complete this course (70%).

Grading Scale

A 1000-925

B 924-850

C 849-777

D 776-700

F 699 - Below would fail

Application/Administration Requirements

All applicants are required to have a high school diploma, a GED, or its equivalent to attend this program. The program requires proof in the form of an official transcript from the high school that was attended.

Then student will be considered based on their ability to benefit from the program based on their ability to perform the duties of a dental assisting position. A dental professional must be able to physically perform CPR. Proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension of the English language are also required. The applicant must be able to demonstrate their ability to read the English language during the registration process in order to be accepted into the program, as students have homework reading assignments for this course.

Requested proof of Hepatitis B vaccination, 3-dose series. This vaccination record can be obtained from most student's high school when requesting a transcript to be sent to Dental Assisting Technologies or at Dentheir physician's office. Others can obtain the series from your local health department. This is not a requirement, but a vaccine waiver may need to be signed for personal or health reasons. This waiver releases the school from any incidents that may occur related to the potential or unknown exposure to Hepatitis B.

How to obtain a transcript:

Dental Assisting Technologies does nat accept transcripts by fax. The student should contact their school's guidance department to request an official transcript. If a GED program or its equivalent was completed, the student can contact the Regulation Office of Education for the school's county by mail or fax to request an official transcript.


Dental Assisting Technologies does not guarantee job placement. We will seek job opportunities and attempt to keep students informed as they arise. It is our hope that the required job shadowing experiences may help individuals to find unsolicited job openings as a result. However, this is not an expectation.

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