3000 41st Street

Moline, IL 61265

Hands On Approach

Learn with the tools of the trade and gain real world knowledge, not "book learning."

Dental Assisting Technologies prepares you with hands-on experience.

You learn the process and steps/flow of various dental procedures.

We provide instrument packages to make sure students learn how to hold and pass instruments with actual instruments. Other schools send you home to practice on your own with images of the instruments in textbooks.

Instead of a 5-week internship which is unpaid, Dental Assisting Technologies provides job shadowing. Other schools use those internships as “placements” and therefore show a much higher placement rate than they really create.

Other schools have their 5-week internship at ONE office. Dental Assisting Technologies places you in multiple job shadowing opportunities so students experience that all offices work differently. So just because you’re taught the “right” way in school, you have to adapt to however an office wants things done.

Dental Assisting Technologies is more closely in touch with various dental offices and orthodontic offices. Many of those offices call the owners of our school rather than placing employment ads. Sherri Mikkles, one of the owners, tailors which students she offers as applicants based on the student’s personality and the personalities of the dental office in need of an assistant. She can do this because she has been able to get to know the students well due to the small class sizes.

Statement of Philosophy

The mission of our dental school is to educate our students to the best of our ability so that society benefits from our achievements. Our objective is to sense, serve, and satisfy the needs of our students with the highest quality of care. We will continually strive for excellence.

Our students must be responsible and highly motivated individuals who are excited to be part of the team. Each student will be expected to act positively with an absolute commitment. Each student will be expected and required to participate.

The instructors are expected to continually upgrade their knowledge of management and clinical skills to meet the needs of our students. The instructors will help and motivate the students to reach their goals

Our philosophy recognizes that this will be a big change in our students' lives. We offer them a brighter future in a wonderful field. We believe that success is not the end of the journey but the journey itself.

Is Dental Assisting Technologies an Accredited School?

Dental Assisting Technologies is not an accredited program. It is a vocational trade school for higher education. Dental Assisting Technologies is registered and has been issued a certificate to operate by the Illinois Board of Higher Education, #1 N Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333, Springfield, IL 62701-1377. www.ibhe.org.

Trade schools in Illinois provide career focused training in areas , such as Dental Assisting, combining classroom learning with hands-on experiences through practicum, lab, and clinical requirements. They must apply and receive a Certificate to operate on a yearly basis. The Illinois Board of Higher Education has a listing of all institutions that are registered and met the criteria to operate in the state. www.ibhe.org.

What is earned after completing a Class Session at Dental Assisting Technologies?

Dental Assisting Technologies provides a Certificate for the successful completion of a Dental Assisting Program. It gives proof of Dental Assisting training. It can be used in any state for that purpose. It does not nor does any certificate replace the requirements made by any state.

Dental Assisting Technologies

Dental Assisting Technologies

3000 41st Street

Moline, IL 61265


Certificate of approval to operate issued by:

IL. Board of Higher Education

1N. Old State Capital Plaza, #300

Springfield, IL 62701


Owned and Operated by Sherri Mikles and Janean Brown

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