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Pricing and Information:

Schedule of costs:

New Fee Schedule for Dental Assisting Classes begins on Jan 1, 2019

Total Cost $4000

This will include tuition, lab fees, study guide, uniform pants, top and jacket, healthcare provider CPR. Students must provide their own white tennis shoes, notebook, pen and pencil. A textbook will be loaned to each student for at home reading homework to be done between classes. These textbooks will be returned at the programs conclusion.

Registration fee is $150 at time of registration. This fee is subtracted from the total, leaving a balance of $3850 at class one.

Some students may qualify for state of local financial assistance.  If financial assistance is necessary, and you do not meet the requirements for state or local programs, we can put you in contact with lending institutions that may be able to assist your needs. These arrangements will need to be made at least one month prior to the upcoming class session.  A payment plan is available. A registration fee is required at enrollment and will maintain placement in the class session.  Tuition payments will not be accepted prior to the start of class #1.

Cash, Checks, Money Orders and Credit Cards are accepted (plus fees)
(amounts less than $500 will be subject to bank fees)

The registration fee ($150.00) Required at enrollment and will maintain placement in the class session.  Please read “school refund policy”.

“Certificate of Approval to Operate Issued by the Illinois State Superintendent of Education, 100 North 1st Street, Springfield, IL 62777”

School Refund Policy:

All tuition is subject to the following prorated refund policy; The total of the program is $4000 The Registration Fee of $150 is non- refundable after 5 business days of registration. The registration fee will be retained by the school unless written notice of cancellation is received within five business days of registration date. This fee holds the students spot in the upcoming class and allows the school to order a uniform and books that are included in the program, before the class session begins. The remaining $3850 is subject to the following prorated refund policy: Formula: $3850 divided by 12 classes I Each class= $320.83 This is the portion of tuition and instructional charges which the school may retain for each class. Upon written notice of cancellation the student will be responsible for the accumulating classes made to the date of withdrawal & signed by administration & student. The student needs to be proficient in speaking, writing, reading and comprehending the English language. At home reading will be required. Dental Assisting Technologies uses an accumulated grading scale. Each student begins the session with 0 points & has the ability to add points to their score thru attendance, participation, completion of tasks, quizzes and exams. Each student has the ability to earn up to 1000 points by the completion of the program. A score of 700 is required to complete this course (70%).

Statement of Philosophy

The mission of our dental school is to educate our students to the best of our ability, so that society benefits from our achievements.

Our objective is to sense, serve and satisfy the needs of our students with the highest quality of care. We will continually strive for excellence.

Our students must be responsible and highly motivated individuals who are excited to be part of the team. Each student will be expected to act in a positive manner with an absolute commitment. Each student will be expected and required to participate.

The instructors are expected to continually upgrade their knowledge of management and clinical skills to meet the needs of our students. The instructors will help and motivate the students to reach their goal.

Our philosophy recognizes this will be a big change in our students' lives. We hope that they will leave us with a brighter future. We believe that success is not the end of the journey but the journey itself.

Dental assisting technologies shall resolve student complaints promptly and fairly and shall not subject a student to punitive action because of written grievances having been filed with the school.

Any student of dental assisting technologies who believes he has been aggrieved by a violation of this act shall have the right to file a written complaint within one year of the alleged violation. Dental assisting technologies shall acknowledge within 20 days receipt of such written complaint. Dental assisting technologies shall issue a written finding as to whether there is good cause to initiate disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the provisions of the act. Dental assisting technologies shall furnish such findings to the person who filed the complaint and to the chief operating officer of the school cited in the complaint.

I understand that complaints which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with the school in accordance to its written policy, may be filed with:
PBVS Division
IL Board of Higher Education
431 East Adams, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62701

Student Loan Information:

*Federal Funding (FAFSA) is not applicable to a vocational program of 96 clock hours.

Most banks that offer educational loans only offer funding for programs of 320+ clock hours. Some credit unions offer educations/computer loans that would apply to a short term vocational program like this one.

Apply for GI Bill at benefits.va.gov/gibill/apply.asp
To manage your education benefits: ebenefits.va.gov/ebenefits/manage/education
Ask VA questions about your GI Bill:
gibill.custhelp.com or call 1-888-442-4551

IL & IA State Funding Assistance Programs:

RIA Credit Union, Silvis, HyVee Branch (preferred locations)
563-355-3800- Please ask to speak to a manager at this location - to make an appointment or seek pre-approval over the phone.

RIA offers a 3 year loan to students enrolled at Dental Assisting Technologies. These students must qualify or obtain a co-signer to do so. It offers the 3 year loan at a 6.25% interest rate, making monthly payments approx. $100 per month. After registering, we can provide additional paperwork required to obtain this loan.

The Family Credit Union
1600 John Deere Expy, Silvis Branch
Offers signature and conventional loans to those with approved credit for the purpose of education with Dental Assisting Technologies.
309-796-9600 Attn: Dave

Dental Assisting Technologies does NOT offer financial assistance, these payment plan options are an attempt to make costs more manageable.

Option 1
Entire balance paid at class #1

Option 2
2 payments. Half of the remaining balance, $1925 paid at Class #1. The second half, $1925 paid at class #9 or before.

Option 3
Half of the remaining balance $1925 paid at class #1. The second half $1925 can be broken down into bi-weekly payments of $481.25. These payments would be due at class #3, #5, #7 and #9. Paid off by class #9.

Option 4
Half of the remaining balance $1925 at class #1. The second half of $1925, can be broken down into weekly payments of $240.63. These payments would be made at the beginning of class each week of the class session & payed off by class #9.

All fees MUST be paid by week #9

Those students not paid in full will not be allowed to take mandatory testing at class #11 and #12

Local or State programs that offer Financial Assistance to those that Qualify:

These programs require time to process necessary paperwork. Spring applicants should make contact in January to be considered for the Spring session and July to be considered for Fall Session. Tardy or missed appointments can disqualify a candidate for assistance with these institutions.

Iowa @ Works - Promise Jobs

For Iowa residents that have worked in the state of Iowa.
Household income based
Adult progrma, youth program, dislocated worker program
Scott County
902 W. Kimberly Rd, Suite 51, Davenport, IA
Clinton/Muscatine County
152 Colorada Street, Muscatine, IA

Illinois Work Force & Promise Jobs
For Illinois residents that have worke din the state of Illinois
Household income based
Adult program, Youth program, Dislocated worker program
Henry County
404 E 3rd Street, Kewannee, IL
Whiteside County
305 B 1st Ave, Sterline, IL

Attn: Matt Gingrich, 815-625-9648
Counties: Whiteside, Bureau, Carrol, JoDavies and LaSalle
2323 E. Lincoln Way, Sterling, IL

Department of Human Services - Rehabilitation Services
4711 44th Street, Suite #3, Rock Island, IL
Clinton, IA - 563-242-7914
Peoria, IL - 309-671-8733

Illinois Migrant Council
Attn: Leticia, 309-351-6784
500 42nd Street #4, Rock Island, IL


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