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Enrollment Statistics for the Reporting Period of
July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015

36 - The number of students who were admitted in the program or course of instruction as of July 1 of this reporting period
36 - New Starts
00 - Re-enrollments
00 - Transfers

Students enrolled during the 12 month reporting period is:

00 - Transferred Out
32- Completed or Graduated
02 - Withdrew prior to classes beginning
02 - Withdrew after classes began
00 - Are still enrolled

The number of students enrolled in the program or course of instruction that were

15 - Placed in their field of study
01 - Placed in a related field
10- placed out of field
04- not available for placement due to personal reasons
02- not employed

00- number of students who took a state licensing examination or professional certificate examination, if any, during the reporting period

00- number of students who took and passed a State Licensing examination or professional certification examination, if any during the reporting period

15- The number of graduates who obtained employment in the field, such information may be compiled by reasonable efforts of the school to contact graduates.

$11.53/hr - Average Starting Salary for graduates employed during the reported period.

$10 - 12.50/hr - Average Quad City Area starting salary.


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